Virtual EFORT Congress - VEChybrid
Main Theme: Sustainable Professional Practice

The Experts Contribution

EFORT aims to provide worthy scientific guidance via the presentation of well-established medical techniques and new evidence in emerging fields. Renowned experts will discuss their procedures, the rationale for their decisions, as well as their successes and failures, bringing their international experience to your reach. The EFORT scientific sessions are therefore training programs with high scientific value for the prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.

Authors invited to contribute to the scientific content of the Congress by presenting their work orally should adhere to the same standards, as their contributions are an essential part of the core programme.

As EFORT is the biggest European platform to share orthopaedic and trauma knowledge, an active participation in our upcoming Virtual EFORT Congress - VEChybrid 2021 is the best opportunity to identify new data related to any specialty, gather useful tips and tricks to enhance daily medical achievements and expand the professional network.

Highlights of the Virtual EFORT Congress 2021


  • Complex Case Discussions.
  • Debate Fora.
  • Honorary Lectures.
  • Interactive Expert Exchange Sessions.
  • Instructional Lectures.
  • Symposia.
  • Oral Abstract-based Sessions.
  • e-Poster Interactive Library.


  • Advanced Concepts in Total Hip & Total Knee Replacement | Friday 02 June 2021 full-day.
  • Comprehensive Review Course | Wednesday 30 June and Thursday 01 June 2021 afternoon.
  • Network of Orthopaedic Registries of Europe (NORE).
  • Implant and Patient Safety Initiative: Introduction of New Implants, Mix & Match.
  • COVID-19 Impact In Orthopaedics & Traumatology.
  • 30th  anniversary of EFORT.
  • Young Specialists Forum: Early Clinical Career Challenges.
  • What Counts? Prioritization Of Patients In Pandemic And Post-pandemic Times.


  • Mental Health - surgeons, physicians, nurses, allied health professionals.

  • Patient Treatment - long-term results, PROMS, etc.

  • Ecological Environment - manufacturing & waste reduction (green@orthopaedics).

Nested Applications

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