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Main Theme: Sustainable Professional Practice

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As a result of the COVID pandemic,  the EFORT annual congress due to take place in Vienna from 30 June to 02 July will once again be a virtual meeting this year. The dates, however, will be respected from 30 June to 02 July 

We very much look forward to working with you now in 2021 when the O&T community needs the interaction and exchange between industry partners and surgeons  more than ever before so as to protect, grow and safeguard our surgeons and communities and keep each abreast of the latest educational and technological  knowledge - thus  prioritising patient safety and health   in Europe and internationally. Thank you for your continued support. 

Sponsorship opportunities have been exceptionally expanded to cover two distinct platforms

  1. The first is for the 3 days of  the Virtual EFORT Congress 2021 itself from 30 June -02 July 2021 – so please check out the full sponsorship package and accompanying VEC 2021 order form.
  2. The second is a range of EFORT Educational Partnership Programmes (EEPP) that offer additional opportunities to interacts with the EFORT O&T community throughout the remainder of the 2021 year ….and beyond. 

Next steps: 

  • Check out the full VEC and EEPP packages to see which sponsorship and visibility package you either already qualify for or are interested in participating in.
  • The costs quoted are for new sponsors of EFORT 2021 who will be invoiced accordingly and payment due within 30 days and prior to the VEC 2021.
  • You will also find accompanying statistics on the VEC 2020 (password protected PDF) that took place last October 2020 – to illustrate the potential and value of participating in the VEC 2021. Please contact [email protected] to get the password to visualize the VEC 2020 statistics.
  • Please therefore complete the relevant order form of interest  and return to [email protected].
  • Should any items not be detailed on the order form (as other options may later become available) then please detail them in the last line/section of the respective order form  and reference any additional detail in the accompanying email. 
  • Within the constraints of the COVID 19 pandemic staffing restrictions, EFORT will strive to acknowledge receipt of your form and query within  no more than 4-5 working days. Thank you for your understanding!

NOTE: Existing partners  already committed to and contracted to EFORT will qualify for the appropriate sponsorship and visibility package equivalent to the same market value as per existing EFORT terms and conditions that have already been signed. In this case you need only confirm any preferences and upgrades as and if  appropriate and you will only be invoiced should the value of the package exceed that originally contracted.

Nested Applications



VEC 2021 Sponsorship Order Form
Interactive PDF form | 2 pages | 240kb
Please download it to fill it!

EEPP Order Form
Interactive PDF form | 2 pages | 135kb
Please download it to fill it!

VEC 2021 Terms & Conditions
PDF document | 6 pages | 570kb

VEC 2021 Sponsorship Packages
PDF Document | 6 pages | 560kb

EEPP Sponsorship Packages
PDF Document | 2 pages | 750kb

Applications for all educational activities must be submitted by SPONSOR under whose name each activity is to be organised.

IMPORTANT: submission of this form is entering into a legally binding contract with EFORT – see below.

The Sponsorship agreement between the SPONSOR (or an agency acting on its behalf) and EFORT, consists of:

By signing the VEC Application Form, the SPONSOR accepts the VEC Sponsorship Agreement, including any and all conditions contained in the respective GTC and in the EFORT VEC 2021 Sponsorship packages documentation.The  parties may deviate from VEC Sponsorship Agreement, detailed in the GTC, by written agreement only. Please read the full VEC terms and conditions.

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