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Although the 22nd EFORT Annual Congress Vienna 2021 has been cancelled, we are pleased to leave here the links and information of our existing corporate partners and sponsors.

EFORT invites you to browse through the Guide of Corporate Partners and Sponsors of the VEChybrid 2021 which represents those EFORT clients that have committed to and confirmed their participation in the 2021 EFORT Annual Congress.

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Albomed GmbH

Hildebrandstrasse 11
90592 Schwarzenbruck
Phone: +49 (0) 9183 - 95 69 82-0
About Us

ALBOMED® GmbH - German manufacturer of medical devices for Orthopaedics and Ophthalmology use.

ALBOMED® a part of its products

Quality-oriented philosophy. As a German company with more than 25 years’ experience in manufacturing of viscoelastic liquids, ALBOMED® fulfils the challenging requirements of the European market and provides its customers with products of excellent and certified quality.

Authentic business development strategy based on fairness and competence.

ALBOMED® cares

Our business partners get comprehensive regulatory, marketing, and expert support. Customer feedback affects the product development.

Established international logistic pathways - reliable delivery schedules for shipments all over the world.

Implemented post-market clinical follow-up strategy for gathering of clinical evidence data, which includes investigations on clinical performance.

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: Medical Devices
Number of Employees worldwide: between 10 and 100
Founded in: 1995
KD Intra-Articular® Gel
Wide product range for all synovial joints. One partner, one solution for various indications and applications. Ultra One with the highest dosage (120 mg in one syringe) on the market. Well-targeted molecular weight. Pain relief, joint stiffness improvement and functionality increase with expected effect duration of 6 months after the treatment. Over 75% of patients experience a positive symptoms relief. Anti-inflammatory effect combined with chondroprotection and induction of endogenous production of hyaluronic acid leads to delay of total knee replacement. Biofermented origin. Biocompatibility and resorbability without any known immunogenic or pathogenic potential. The simple handling makes the application uncomplicated and fast, reduces the risk of infection and makes the surgery to a routine procedure. The actual specifications measured at the end of the production cycle. Recording of the key product parameters after sterilization ensures the accuracy of the values.
Category: Viscoelastic solution
Please contact us by e-Mail to request a meeting.