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Although the 22nd EFORT Annual Congress Vienna 2021 has been cancelled, we are pleased to leave here the links and information of our existing corporate partners and sponsors.

EFORT invites you to browse through the Guide of Corporate Partners and Sponsors of the VEChybrid 2021 which represents those EFORT clients that have committed to and confirmed their participation in the 2021 EFORT Annual Congress.

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SICOT - International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery & Traumatology

Rue de la Loi 26 - b.13
1040 Brussels
Phone: +32 2 648 68 23
About Us

SICOT, Société Internationale de Chirurgie Orthopédique et de Traumatologie, is an international non-profit association incorporated under Belgian law with the aim to promote the advancement of the science and art of orthopaedics and traumatology at international level in particular for the improvement of patient care, and to foster and develop teaching, research and education. In 2019, SICOT celebrated its 90th anniversary.

Area of Business: Orthopaedics and Traumatology
Category: International
Founded in: 1929
SICOT Diploma Examination
SICOT is setting world standards of surgical competence - knowledge plus clinical skills - by offering an annual Diploma Examination (during the annual congress) comparable to those of exemplary institutions in highly developed countries.
Category: Exam
SICOT Fellowships
The SICOT Fellowships offer unique opportunities for education and exchange. All subspecialties are covered and host centers are located worldwide. The length of the fellowships vary from one week to one year.
Category: Fellowships
Surgical Techniques (surgical technique resources are currently being developed to be hosted on our new learning management system); Podcasts (the new SICOT PIONEER platform will host podcasts in which our PIONEER hosts will discuss pressing issues with leading orthopaedic surgeons); Exam Resources (SICOT PIONEER’s new learning management system will have the capacity to not only host online exams but to help surgeons prepare for the same); Practice Resources (SICOT PIONEER’s platform is already a repository for on-demand event recordings and resources which surgeons can access, wherever they are in the world); OrthoEvidence and Journals (SICOT PIONEER is partnered with OrthoEvidence and SICOT-J, bringing joint materials and resources as well as opportunities to SICOT members); SICOT Forum (SICOT PIONEER’s new learning management system will facilitate a space where surgeons can discuss the most pressing issues of the day, share tips and tricks and network).
Category: PIONEER
SICOT publications
The SICOT Journal, International Orthopaedics, is sent monthly to our members and consists of high quality papers. It has shown steady gains in the last few years and now has an impact factor of 2.854. Considered the little sister of the IO Journal, SICOT-J is an open access journal that focuses on original clinical, basic and translational research. The e-Newsletter plays a large part in spreading the word, announcements and conversations among members as well as celebrating key achievements and landmarks for the Society.
Category: Publications
Scientific Session
41st SICOT Orthopaedic World Congress
SICOT’s annual Orthopaedic World Congress is a truly global gathering of orthopaedists from over 110 member nations and others beside. They are now highly organised scientific, clinical and social events, celebrating the diversity of the SICOT membership and bringing together surgeons of all disciplines and experience to learn from and with one another through keynote lectures, invited talks, free paper presentations and hands-on workshops. The 2021 Congress is planned to take place in Budapest from 15 to 18 September 2021.
In the summer of 2020 SICOT launched the Programme of Innovative Orthopaedic Networking, e-Learning, Education and Research (PIONEER), to meet the need for online-only and virtual education resources following the COVID-19 global pandemic. The programme includes an online video archive and regular live webinars, and plans for the future include key opinion leader podcasts, training modules and much more. After ten months, almost 30 successful sessions were organised and the feedback is excellent. The webinars are accessible for members and non-members.
SICOT Trainees' Meetings
Trainees Meetings provide forums for learning from invited world-renowned experts and allow young surgeons an opportunity to present their own research to their colleagues.
Please contact us by e-Mail to request a meeting.