Virtual EFORT Congress - VEChybrid
Main Theme: Sustainable Professional Practice


EFORT is pleased to collaborate with industry partners and to have the opportunity to trial creative new formats of educational sessions. Join us for the second time for the Bioskills@EFORT Sessions with Live surgery on anatomical specimens in a clinical environment. These are true-life conditions a surgeon might face in executing a therapeutic plan to approach a traumatic injury.

This vivid streamed environment is broadcast throughout Europe and elsewhere to show in living color the best practices and tips to bring about the best results for patients. As the surgeons navigate important muscle tissue and nerve bundles in their approach […], they clearly discuss each technique being used…

“We gather many surgeons from across Europe but also surgeons from Africa,
Asia and the Americas who come to our Congresses, and this will allow more
widespread dissemination of these high-level practical techniques. I think this
is a unique experience for a true-to-life surgical setting for orthopaedic and
traumatology surgeons wherever they may be.”

 Prof. Enrique Gómez Barrena | EFORT second Vice-President

Distance learning will continue to grow, increasing the diversity of those who will be able to participate and contribute to the knowledge sharing. Through modern technology this format represents a major advancement for the medical development of science, and will be the ignition for a dramatic development in both practice and research.

Nested Applications

Bioskills sessions Tabs

Thursday 01 July 2021  | 13:00-14:30 CET |  CHANNEL 1
Estimated Total Duration: 90 minutes | REPLAY /WEBCAST & Programme


  • Analyse and classify periprosthetic fractures in the context of the loose/fixed stem discussion.
  • Identify optimal solution for individual patient in respect of functional demand, prosthesis conditions, surgical risk and postoperative compliance.
  • Watch highly complex surgical procedures solved into small steps to understand even highly complicate intraoperative manoeuvres.


  • Moderator: Peter BIBERTHALER | Germany
  • Surgeon/Instructor 1: Ulrich STÖCKLE | Germany
  • Surgeon/Instructor 2: Enrique GUERADO | Spain

In collaboration with DePuy Synthes

Thursday 01 July 2021  | 14:30-16:00 CET | CHANNEL 1
Estimated Total Duration: 90 minutes | REPLAY /WEBCAST & Programme


  • Analyse these “bread and butter” fractures in respect of geriatric collective.
  • Identify the optimal solution for the individual patient in respect of bone quality, neurological disorders and postoperative compliance.
  • See how elegant even complex fractures are treated using modern strategies.


  • Moderator: Matej CIMERMAN | Slovenia
  • Surgeon/Instructor 1: Ulrich STÖCKLE | Germany
  • Surgeon/Instructor 2:  Thierry BÉGUÉ | France

In collaboration with DePuy Synthes

BioSkills@EFORT Session 3: ‘PILON FRACTURE’ 
Thursday 01 July 2021  | 16:00-17:30 CET | CHANNEL 1
Estimated Total Duration: 90 minutes | REPLAY /WEBCAST & Programme


  • Analyse and classify complex Pilon Fractures.
  • Create therapeutic plan, implant choices and approaches.
  • See how this plan is performing in reality under real time conditions.


  • Moderator: Ulrich STÖCKLE | Germany
  • Surgeon/Instructor 1: Peter BIBERTHALER | Germany
  • Surgeon/Instructor 2: Matej CIMERMAN | Slovenia

In collaboration with Smith & Nephew

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