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Wednesday 30 June 2021 | Time: 14:00-18:00 | Channel 1 - Featured Programme

Thursday 30 June 2021 | Time: 12:30-16:30 | Channel 1 - Featured Programme

Primary target attendees: Young orthopaedic surgeons and residents in training

The EFORT Comprehensive Review Course (CRC) provides a quick analysis of the basic and fundamental knowledge of Orthopaedic surgery and Traumatology. The essential information for each topic is presented in a concise and brief way with a high degree of evidence. Experts in each field conduct the course which consists of approximately 20 presentations between 15 – 30 minutes long covering the following major topics:

  • Basic Science
  • Paediatrics
  • Reconstruction
  • Sport Injuries
  • Musculoskeletal Infections
  • Musculoskeletal Tumors
  • Spine (incl. Trauma)
  • Trauma Lower Limb
  • Trauma Upper Limb
  • Sustainability Of Research

Summarizing articles for each presentation are gathered in the CRC syllabus which will be available for download to all registered participants of the VEC 2021.

Attendance is possible only if the participant is already full-registered for the Virtual EFORT Congress. Registration to the course allows participants to attend any of the two half-day sessions. 

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Wednesday 30 June 2021 | Time: 14:00-18:00 

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Thursday 30 June 2021 | Time: 12:30-16:30 

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