Virtual EFORT Congress (VEC)
Main theme: Harmonisation & Diversity

Nested Applications

Infection Management Virtual Surgical Skills Workshop


Wednesday 28 October 2020 | 19:30-20:45 CET | Total Duration: 105 minutes

Note: Programme subject to changes, more detailed information available soon.

Surgical Skills Tabs

Objectives: Workshop character based on strong case based best practice sharing:

  1. Standard case presentation format.
  2. Presentation of the actual approach taken.
  3. Short rationale from literature/evidence why this approach was taken.
  4. Questions by the delegates

Time: 6-8 cases / 60 minutes


  • Types of infection
    Nora Renz & Andrej Trampuz
  • Prevention strategies for patient related factors: Elective vs. non-elective arthroplasty patient with considerable comorbidities and health risks
    Volker Alt & Pablo Sanz-Ruiz
  • Treatment concept (case with MDR pathogen)
    Andrej Trampuz, Nora Renz & Olivier Borens
  • How to avoid common errors
    Olivier Borens,  Volker Alt, Andrej Trampuz & Nora Renz
  • Antibiogram-based antimicrobial concept
    Nora Renz, Olivier Borens, & Volker Alt


  • Video training on how to manufacture a spacer and how to find reference for using the proper antibiotics (PIF guide based)


  • Principles & practicalities of antibiotic-loaded bone cement and which antibiotic to choose
    Christof Berberich |  10 minutes
  • Hand-made hip spacer
    Olivier Borens & Daniel Perez-Prieto) | 15 minutes
  • Articulating knee spacers made with moulds
    Christof Berberich | 15 minutes