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Although the 22nd EFORT Annual Congress Vienna 2021 has been cancelled, we are pleased to leave here the links and information of our existing corporate partners and sponsors.

EFORT invites you to browse through the Guide of Corporate Partners and Sponsors of the VEChybrid 2021 which represents those EFORT clients that have committed to and confirmed their participation in the 2021 EFORT Annual Congress.

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Please note that this page is currently under development enhancement to reflect the categories of sponsorship herein listed. 

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Syntellix AG

Aegidientorplatz 2a
30159 Hannover
Phone: +49 511 270 413 -50
About Us

Syntellix AG based in Hanover, Germany, is an international company engaged in biomedical engineering and material & life science that is undergoing dynamic organic growth. The company specialises in the research and development and marketing and sales of highly innovative transformable metallic implants. These are broken down by the body and transformed into autologous bone tissue and in doing so offer an ideal combination of stability, elasticity and bioabsorbability. In recent medical-scientific publications concerning various clinical applications, MAGNEZIX® implants are rated as being very beneficial or even clinically superior to conventional titanium implants.

Syntellix AG is the world’s market and technology leader in the field of bioabsorbable metallic orthopaedic implants and has already been honoured with numerous important awards and prizes, including the Innovation Award of the German Economy 2012/13, the Future Award 2016 of the German Healthcare Economy, the German Medical Award 2017, the STEP Award 2017, the Innovator of the Year 2017 award and the German Innovation Award in Gold (2019); internationally, the implants were a winner in the Product of the Year category of the Sustainability Award 2018 program.

The actual MAGNEZIX® portfolio consists of four product ranges: the MAGNEZIX® CS/CSc 4.8, a cannulated double-thread compression screw available in 4 diameters and different sizes for a variety of applications in orthopedic and trauma surgery. The MAGNEZIX® Pin, a bioabsorbable bone pin ideally suited for a wide range of applications in sports traumatology. The MAGNEZIX® CBS, a cortical bone screw that is significantly more resilient than conventional polymer cortical screws and, due to its geometry, can be used in a variety of applications especially for indications in traumatology, and the MAGNEZIX® StarFuse®, a bioabsorbable intramedullary arthrodesis implant limited to PIP arthrodesis of the lesser toes.

Area of Business: Orthopaedic Industry
Category: Medical Devices
Number of Employees worldwide: 75 employees
Founded in: 2008
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