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Official Statement 2021

WELCOME TO THE VEChybrid 2021!

Strong from the experience of our first virtual congress last year, the current health situation forced the EFORT Board once more to make the difficult decision not to hold the EFORT Annual Congress in its traditional format this year.

The pandemic has taught us how to adapt and make our organisation agile. And under the timely tagline of "Sustainable Professional Practice" we are delighted to invite you to join us from 30 June to 2 July 2021 to the second hybrid offering of EFORT.

It is our first priority to preserve everyone’s health and deliver Education & Training in a safe environment. Vaccines are on their way but we felt that at this time of the year it may have been slightly too early to guarantee a risk free face-to-face experience for all.

So let us celebrate the ode to best practice in Orthopaedic & Traumatology with the 30 years of existence of EFORT since its inception back in 1991.

Dedicated broadcast channels will feature the latest findings in the O&T science which will be brought to you either in form of recent studies submitted, renowned speakers and sessions, all this along with informal conversational exchanges live from the EFORT TV Studio. Not to forget the renewed programming of the Bioskills@EFORT, sessions that address surgical techniques on human specimens. The planned modules are aimed at knowledge transfer of numerous theoretical issues to students and young surgeons concerning surgical planning and diagnostic classification. Further we want to develop a true learning experience for our members and our teaching surgeons, to open a view to real practical applications of science and techniques that is more than a simple demonstration.

Collaborative schemes with our industry partners should reflect the unexpected positive impact of this pandemic. It has propelled EFORT into a tangible implementation of its EOTEP concept, the framework of the educational structure of our offerings to you, developed in conjunction with National, Specialty and affiliated societies as well as our valued corporate partners.

With everyone joining forces and putting forward a complementary and multidimensional alternative aimed at orthopaedic & traumatology surgeons, we want to keep the high standards of training & education and make the future of the profession sustainable.

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For more information, please contact:

EFORT Head Office
ZA La Pièce 2 |  1180 Rolle

Phone +41 (0)21 343 4400
email: [email protected]


Nested Applications

Nested Applications

KPG portrait

Klaus-Peter GÜNTHER
EFORT President 2020-2021

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Philippe NEYRET
EFORT Congress Co-President 2021

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VEChybrid 2021 Scientific Chair
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